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22 decor ideas for kids with TIPTOE

03 June 2020

22 decor ideas for kids with TIPTOE

A decoration kids friendly

We have selected for you the most beautiful kids atmospheres created by passionate mothers. Children’s room, small desk, bedside table … There is something for everyone!

photo credit : @tribeandus

#1 Svetlana's DUKE bench

Svetlana chose the pretty DUKE bench for the bedroom of her 3 children. A practical bench to show off their most beautiful toys and put away some blankets!

photo credit: @_sveasophia_

#2 Kate's LOU stools

Kate, mother of a tribe and fan of plants, loves LOU stools for their color and look that dress the room. Children can even climb on it!

photo credit : @tribeandus

90 X 20 X 2.5 CM

#3 Julie's bookshelf

Martin’s bedroom is beautifully decorated with the bookshelf in solid oak. Thanks to their generous dimensions 90x20cm, they allow easy and refined storage for a child’s room!
photo credit: @con_fession

#4 Stephanie's DUKE bench

Stéphanie is a fan of color for her daughter’s bedroom. She chose the DUKE bench in Olive Green for a touch of softness, perfect to read a story!

photo credit: @stephaniezwicky

#5 Céline's SSD chairs

An Ash Rose SSD chair and another Sage Green for each of his children. The SSD chair is a solid and durable seat, perfect for each member of the family!

photo credit : @celine_audetourdunchemin

#6 Tatiana's coffee table

Tatiana transformed her coffee table with 43cm legs into a small round table to play on. Doll houses and small plates will find their place!
crédit photo : @tinypaw_paris

#7 Mazale's LOU stool

Assembling the LOU stool is also child’s play! Very easy to assemble in 2 minutes, it will serve you in all rooms of the house.
crédit photo : @mazale_

#8 Tatiana's BRIXTON table and SSD chair

Tatiana and Eva around their BRIXTON table, perfect for welcoming the whole family up to 8 people and of course the SSD chair for a comfortable seat for children and adults.
photo credit: @tinypaw_paris

#9 Mélissa's DUKE bench

In a child’s room in a jungle atmosphere, Mélissa uses the DUKE bench as a small desk, ideal for children!
photo credit : @huisjekant

#10 Géraldine's SSD chair

Adorable this photo of Géraldine, the SSD chair with its curved back, also becomes a seat for stuffed animals!

photo credit: @beautyarchi

9 colours

#11 Marlène's dinette

An ingenious idea from Marlène! This DIY-loving mom built a small kitchenette for her son using the 43cm legs. The result is minimalist and unique.
photo credit : @ouiouiouistudio

#12 Stéphanie's LOU stool

Children like to climb, hide, and the LOU stool is perfect for that! It will also serve as a seat in the dining room for a large family dinner.
photo credit : @einspluseinsistsechs

#13 Morgane's DUKE bench

The DUKE bench in Cloudy White contrasts with the intense color of the wall, for a room where we love spending time!

photo credit : @morganours

120 X 60 cm

#14 Tatiana's MONOCHROME desk

The MONOCHROME desk is perfectly suited for a teenage desk. Practical with its 3 drawers, it stores its notebooks, pencils.
photo credit : @tinypaw_paris

#15 Ella's LOU stool

The LOU stool in a child’s room is a bedside table, a small table for playing, an additional seat, Ella has adopted it!
photo credit : @ella_and_tiny

#16 Marie's DUKE bench

A rural atmosphere for Marie’s DUKE bench, the whole family loves it!
photo credit: @mariemylovelything

#17 Jules's SSD chair

Nothing like the SSD chair to sit well and let your imagination run with manual activities … A beautiful, solid chair to watch your children grow up with.
photo credit : @babyhitparade

#18 Susanne's LOU stool

The LOU stool with multiple uses in the child’s room as in the living room. A stool on which you can climb to catch hidden toys.
photo credit : @__s.u.s.a.n.n.e__

#19 Aline's LOU stool

Aline placed a few objects on the LOU stool, which fits perfectly with this tangy decoration.
photo credit: @notremaisonpour_2017

6 colours
6 colours

#20 Stéphane and Estelle’s JO hook

Stéphane and Estelle fitted out their child’s bedroom with the JO coat hook. Colorful and easy to install, it can be used as a coat rack to store the school bag or the diaper bag. A decorative and practical object!

120 X 20 X 2.5 CM

#21 Ulli's solid oak shelf

Ulli chose the 120x20cm solid oak shelf to place a few objects and toys above the desk. Its solid oak board is PEFC certified for sustainable forest management and the wall brackets add a colorful touch.

photo credit : @uls_andthekids

#22 Tatiana's LOU stool

The LOU stool also becomes a playmate, children love it (as much as parents!)
photo credit : @tinypaw_paris


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