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About us

We founded TIPTOE in 2015 in Paris with the ambition to make sustainable furniture that would be altogether beautiful, useful and durable.

“We were dreaming of durable furniture that would have several lives alongside their owners, of affordable pieces telling stories because they were designed with care and uncompromising quality. At TIPTOE, furniture is a creative, responsible and optimistic reflection of modernity.”

Matthieu Bourgeaux et Vincent Quesada, TIPTOE co-founders

Family heritage spanning three generations

Our commitment to making durable products with flawless quality is rooted in a family history spanning three generations of entrepreneurs.

In 1947, Henri Bourgeaux, Matthieu Bourgeaux’s grandfather, started a small company specializing in metal work in the Alps mountain region near Chamonix in France. Over the years, the Bourgeaux factory has specialized in a metal working technique called “bar turning” consisting in processing metal bars into precision components.

Taking over from the founding grandfather, the Bourgeaux factory was later managed by Matthieu’s father and uncle and more recently by his older brother. Since 2015, the family factory has been one of TIPTOE’s main partners with the manufacturing of thousands of mechanical pieces each year.

TIPTOE was founded in 2015 in Paris

We started TIPTOE in 2015 by revisiting a long-standing concept of French design in a modern and colorful way: the modular table leg. With the TIPTOE table leg, we laid the foundations for the development of a broader range of beautiful, timeless, useful and durable products. Our product philosophy is that every TIPTOE piece of furniture must be well-designed, well-made in Europe and built-to-last.

We see TIPTOE as a young brand walking in the footsteps of a line of French designers who marked the history of furniture with their free and “avant-garde” vision. The first concept of modular table legs using a clamp emerged in 1972 when French designer François Arnal designed the “serre-joint T9” table leg. In 1982, Philippe Starck revisited the concept as part of a creation for French retailer “Les 3 Suisses”. In the 2000’s, Philippe Nigro offered his own vision of the clamping table leg system when he designed the T.U. table.

2021 : TIPTOE is now officially a purpose-driven company

TIPTOE is a purpose-driven company. This means that our environmental commitment is written into the company’s articles of association. This status legally obliges us to meet our sustainability commitments.

Our mission is : to offer well-designed, well-made and durable furniture, to accelerate increased awareness of environmental issues in our industry and to promote a positive business model.

This status serves as a guideline for our next CSR topics and makes the company liable should it fail to live up to its commitments in the future.

TIPTOE is certified B Corp™

B Corp is an international certification awarded to companies that meet high social and environmental standards and are committed to progress.

B Corp stands for “Benefit Corporation” and designates a company that is recognized for its beneficial impact on the world. The certification focuses on five distinct areas: environment, governance, employees, customers and community.

By being a B Corp, TIPTOE is part of a movement of committed companies who want to rethink the world of tomorrow and have a positive impact.

A story in the making

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TIPTOE is led by a young team of driven and passionate entrepreneurs willing to build a positive, modern and responsible brand.

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