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White Venezia shelf in recycled plastic – 60x20cm

149.00 /shelf

White Venezia shelf in recycled plastic – 60x20cm

149.00 /shelf

Wall shelf 60x20x2.5cm in recycled plastic

Sold with 2 wall BRACKET

Screws and dowels not included

100% made in Europe


This variation does not exist This product is currently out of stock

Wall shelf 60x20x2.5cm in recycled plastic

Sold with 2 wall BRACKET

Screws and dowels not included

100% made in Europe


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Standard free shipping from 100€ until July 10!

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Standard free shipping in Europe excluding Switzerland and United Kingdom for all orders over 100€ until July 10.

A sustainable approach

TIPTOE’s mission is to make sustainable furniture, well-designed, well-made and built to last. In line with these values, we have spent several months putting together this collection of tables and shelf units in recycled plastic, designed with the future of furniture firmly in mind. There’s still a long way to go, but we firmly believe that our sector, too, must align with new modes of consumption and we want, in our own small way, to start the ball rolling!

A minimalist and surprising shelf

Our aim is to demonstrate that it is possible to design objects in recycled plastic that combine beauty and timeless style as well as being long-lasting. The challenge we faced was to go beyond mere recycling and to create extraordinary items that make us completely forget the previous use of the plastic from which they are made!

The shelf of this white, recycled plastic shelf unit is made from approximately 100 yoghurt pots! This explains the board’s white colouring! The burst of colours, gold and silver, come from label fragments which also give us clues about its previous incarnation! It’s actually a nod to Terrazzo, the celebrated mineral material, also traditionally made from cast-offs of other bits of mineral waste. Each shelf unit is unique and has its own, individual history, that of plastic given a second youth through recycling!


Manufacturing process

The point of this collection was to radically change the initial lifespan of the raw material. To move from a product used for an extremely short, ephemeral period of time (yoghurt pots or packaging) to a worthwhile, solid item! The tables and shelf units in our collection are long-lasting and have been designed to be useful for several generations. It’s a continuous cycle: we transform existing material, which itself can be further recycled when it is no longer useful!

The tabletops of the collection are manufactured using an innovative process. The plastic waste collected is reduced to chippings and then pressed (without any binding agent) so as to form a board. They are specifically designed to fit on to table legs or our wall BRACKETS! The resulting articles are innovative and futuristic items of furniture!

Quick and creative installation

Technical details

Package contents and dimensions

1x white recycled plastic shelf unit 60x20x2cm and 2 wall BRACKETs. Please note that screws and dowels for the wall brackets are not included in the package. You will need 3 screws per BRACKET. This is because you should use screws and dowels adapted to your wall type. Feel free to reach out to if you need any help.

Max weight : 14 kg


Manufacture & Materials

100% made in Europe including in our family factory in France
Powder-coated steel (wall BRACKET). The tops are 100% recycled but also 100% recyclable. They are the result of an innovative manufacturing process. The collected plastic waste is reduced to chips and then pressed (without adding binder) to finally form the tabletop. They are designed specifically to be associated with the legs or with BRACKET wall brackets.

We wanted to give a second life to this unique material, where each board is different, that contribute to its charm.

Care instructions

Our recycled plastic is a noble material which requires due care. To clean your table or shelf unit, simply wipe with a soft and slightly damp cloth. They are sensitive to solvents, thinners, descalers and strong detergents.

Each board is unique which adds to the collection’s charm. During assembly, the boards should be handled with care. The tables are designed for indoor use.

The recycling system that we use implies by nature possible variations of colors between the different parts. We have set up as precise specifications as possible with our supplier so that the aesthetics of the trays are always as constant as possible and always satisfactory, but each piece has its own history and is unique.

Delivery options

Delivery within 7 days in France for products in stock / within 10 days in Europe.

Return conditions

You have 15 days after receiving your order to return it. For returns, write to us at


Internationally protected and patented design

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    and built-to-last furniture

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