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Our online shop is still running. Shipping is FREE in Europe until March 31.


The TIPTOE team is still available for you 🙂 Despite the current context, our carriers are still handling deliveries (excluding to Spain and Italy, temporarily on hold). Delivery times might be affected but we will keep you posted accordingly. Until March 31, shipping is free on all European orders except for our tables and desks (we ask for a small contribution as our logistics is a bit more complex for these larger items).

Our products are unusual and so is our story

Everything started in Paris in 2015.

“We were dreaming of long-lasting furniture that would have several lives alongside their owners. We were dreaming of affordable pieces of furniture telling unique stories about how you created them and how you would pass them on to the ones you love. Our products embody an optimistic and creative form of modernity meant to inspire day after day.

Since our crowdfunding launch in 2015, our TIPTOE legs have stepped in more than 40 countries. Thanks a lot for this wonderful adventure!”

Matthieu & Vincent

Who is behind TIPTOE?

L'équipe TIPTOE

TIPTOE was born at the crossroad of three generations of craftsmanship and the creative urge of young and passionate entrepreneurs.

Matthieu Bourgeaux (droite) et Vincent Quesada (gauche)

Matthieu Bourgeaux

On the right

Born into a family of steel manufacturers near the French Alps where some of the TIPTOE product is carried out, entrepreneurship has been running in Matthieu’s veins for three generations! Along with his passion for interior and furniture design, Matthieu is a lifelong fan of travels and wild spaces. Every new trip has nurtured his thinking about living spaces and habits.

Vincent Quesada

On the left

Vincent settled in Paris in 2015 to partner with his long-time friend Matthieu. Fueled by years spent in cities like New York, Berlin, London, Shanghai and Barcelona, Vincent’s daily thinking revolves around modern lifestyles and how important shaping inspiring and creative homes is.

Our products

Long-lasting, creative and carefully-made in Europe

Our mission is to offer a creative experience that goes way beyond traditional furniture.

Every TIPTOE product has been designed so you can make it your own immediately and easily create something new. Every piece of furniture you build is truly unique and inspiring. You’re free to use it in a different way at every stage of your life.

All our products are carefully manufactured in European factories with which we have built solid and long-lasting relationships. When it comes to production, we have very high standards on both material quality and the flawless finish of every piece we manufacture. Without these standards, we simply could not be satisfied with our work.

Following in the footsteps of pioneering French designers

TTIPTOE is the heir of pioneering and “avant-garde” French designers who have profoundly marked the history of furniture. The first concept of modular table legs emerged in 1972 when François Arnal designed the “serre-joint T9” clamping table leg. In 1982, Philippe Starck explored further the concept through tables developed on behalf of Les 3 Suisses. In the late 2000’s, French furniture designer Philippe Nigro announced the “T.U.” table using his own version of a universal clamping table leg.

Our community

Since the very beginning, TIPTOE has been pushed forward and supported by inspiring and creative community who dared to believe in our project.

Our community is at the very core of the adventure and without it, TIPTOE would not go very far. We pay tribute to our community on a daily basis by posting the most beautiful creations on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Every new piece of furniture that you create is an infinite source of joy and inspiration. Thank you!

Many thanks to
Sébastien D. in Paris
Constance K. in Paris
Lila S. in Bussy Albieux
Eliott S. in Paris
Subir C. in Berlin
Joanne L. in Annecy
Hara P. in New York
Amélie V. in Montpellier

… and to thousands of others who chose TIPTOE in more than 40 countries.

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